Saturday, April 17, 2010

Lame Bar Jokes

Here are a few of the lamest bar jokes i know:

A man walked into a bar and said ouch

Silver and bronze were in a bar. They had a grudge against gold for always being so superior, so they told the bartender to make sure gold didn't come in. When gold came in to try and get a keg, the bartender said, 'AU! get out of the bar.'

please tell me if you have some more good ones!!!


  1. Larfisha and I saw a worm at the track meet we named him Christoffinoffer... than we found his friend Arghnold the ant... hehe.

  2. I don't do bar jokes, but I know one about the hotdog vendor. A zen monk walked up and said, "Make me one with everything."

  3. my grandfather just emailed me this joke:

    A grasshopper walked into a bar and the bartender said, "There's a drink named after you" and the grasshopper said, "why would anyone name a drink Bob!" (Grasshopper is the name of a drink)